Welcome to UT SCAVMA!


Our goals:

  • To promote a friendly spirit among students of veterinary medicine.
  • To provide an opportunities for members to gain professional knowledge and understanding of ethics and conduct.
  • To encourage student involvement in organized veterinary medicine.
  • SCAVMA By-laws
  • To make available the opportunities offered by the AVMA.
  • One Health Challenge

  • One Health Challenge

UTCVM Student Wiki.

Use the wiki to download helpful files or upload them for your classmates and future UT students. To go to the Wiki click here.


Opportunities for UTCVM Students.

Search for and review externships, scholarships, and summer jobs here. If you've participated in one of the aforementioned programs that is not included in the database feel free to add it along with your review of the externship/summer job! Sorry folks, still working on this. - tc


SCAVMA is fortunate and privileged to support and be supported by a wide variety of clubs reflecting the diversity and specialties of veterinary medicine. Click on the links below to find out more information about SCAVMA Clubs you can participate in.